Who was Elric meeting?

I want you to stop spoiling the kids.

I will have good memories of my time in Boston for many years.

I'm not sure it's real.


Chessboxing is a sport for real men.

"Whose rings are these?" "They are my mother's."

The fine isn't very high.


Ya hafta smell the roses.

Your blood pressure may go up in the winter.

How can we do that?


I'm so drunk now that I'm seeing two keyboards.


Can I borrow your scissors?

There is a rumor that he has resigned.

Bad weather delayed takeoff for two hours.

He was nominated for the presidency.

Belinda is one of the best.


We were all so hungry.


My wife deliberated whether we would buy a new house or not.


It has ceased raining.

Tommy is extremely dangerous.

Come on, let's see it.

Hubert bought Amarth a nice present.

Why would somebody want to live in a place like this?


I had never seen him cry.

I don't like people who talk about me behind my back.

I heard everything clearly.

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How much insurance do you carry on your house?

There were 3 in the bed!

Don't I know you from someplace?

He is not a businessman but a diplomat.

A quadratic function cannot be used here.


Spencer wasn't a nice man.


You talk about Boston too much.

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There's life in the old boy yet!

His report proved to be false.

I want to be normal.

Have you been told where to park your car?

She has gone out.


We've done the impossible.


Speculation is growing apace.


I sent an e-card for a friend whose birthday is today.

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

Young people don't have virtues.


They didn't book the holiday, but I don't think they will have any problems.

What's the best way to do it?

Tipping isn't usually done here.

Isn't there anyone else who can help you?

Are you sure there isn't rat meat in that burger?


He's got the bad habit of picking his nose

Roger Miller's father died when he was only one year old and his mother became sick soon after, so he was sent to live with his uncle in Erick, Oklahoma.

The dictionary that I bought hasn't been delivered to me yet.


He cares about no one, but himself.

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No sooner had we sat down than she brought us coffee.

Don't expect everyone to think the same way you do.

In India, you can found many saints in the Himalayan region who can be called as prescient.

He stayed here for a while.

Our trading companies do business all over the world.

She didn't attend the meeting for fear of meeting her ex-husband.

I don't see suds.

I am somebody and I am important.

It was well after midnight when Kurt got home.


I have a gift for you.

The weather changed quickly.

Can't we wait until tomorrow to finish this?

Robin is a ladies' man.

Only in philosophy can you use a circular argument and get praised for it.


Things didn't go as planned.

He is in the library.

I felt lost without Ragnar.

We'll see them later.

I love honey.


What would you like to do today?

'Your offspring shall possess their enemies' gates, and in your seed shall be all nations blessed because you obeyed my command thus.'

Margie asked the stranger what his name was.

Each robot is equipped with a talking machine.

The girls were emotional.


I don't know if I understand exactly what you're trying to say.

They must have seen us.

He led people to the good land.


I cannot do without any money.

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This pulao is so filling that I'm full after just two spoonfuls.


They start believing their own con.

The door blew open.

I'm sure they're on their way.


Barney condemns you.

How successful were they?

They had to be turned away from the theater.

Trey made a few serious mistakes.

They urged them to buy the products.

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Amiens is north of Paris.

Arne seems a little distracted.

Roxane and Frederick like each other.


He sent me a letter.


Burn the body.

My brother takes great delight in his stamp collection.

It's my fault.

There are a lot of sentences without any translation.

I should be used to this by now.

We have fried goose with potatoes.

Give me the ballpoint pen.

Maarten was a chain smoker.

Franklin went to school and studied very hard. By the end of the first year, he had earned a full college scholarship.


It rained fire in that region.


They are unable to answer that question.

He is careless about money.

I speak French as well as Heather.

I thought Jun had paid Sally, but apparently I was wrong.

It's a pity we can't stay.

I'll be back in about an hour.

Lorien wants to change the furniture.

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Is there someone who could help me?

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How are things going with you?


Amos's a big, fat slob.

You should bring your passport to the bank.

Please lend me your dictionary.


Eduardo called in an expert.

Don't make a sound.

What in the world is this?

Give him an inch and he'll take a yard.

You can't bury the truth.

I have absolutely no problem with that.

Brian isn't wearing a belt today.

He got off with a fine.

Horse, lion, dog, goat: these are animals.

What is it you do for a living?

I watch TV all the time.

My cat is white.

Who's going to hurt you?

Who told you the story?

I don't completely trust him.

He likes singing traditional songs.

Presley isn't as tall as Jennifer is.

Blake has written several poems about this island.

I'm certainly not the only one.

Sugih sat in the passenger seat beside Marco.

Should I let him go?


I wouldn't want to go there with anybody except Tareq.

It's out of your hands.

She admitted to having heroin.

It's the same wherever you try and escape: everywhere is a death row, and everyone's a victim.

I asked her to do it for me.

How many tiles do you need?

Harvey must be imagining things.

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How much were you paid to say that?

Many people lost their jobs.

He is going to go to school tomorrow.


What was the cause of your quarrel?


The sea can be heard from here.

Dylan has just been arrested.

I asked him to drive me home.

No doubt he will pass the examination.

We are all looking forward to seeing your family.


You look like a little girl in that dress.

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Are we all happy now?

Could you excuse us a minute?

God exists, but he forgot the password.


Marcel has stopped going to school.